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Who We Are

We are a group of veterans and volunteers who provide military veterans a renewed sense of purpose through opportunities to train, advise, and assist those in need.

We do this via:

  • Assist deployed veterans to crisis zones around the world.
  • Provide grants to wounded soldiers and their families injured in crisis areas.
  • Provide logistical aid and equipment for veterans and volunteers working in crisis areas.
  • Offer financial assistance to families of deceased veterans.
  • Provide opportunities to veterans to use their skill sets in crisis areas.

Support American Veterans Volunteering


  1. Medical Supplies – Our volunteers, often in danger themselves, ensure the delivery of crucial medical supplies across Ukraine.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – We prioritize providing essential
    PPE like armor plate carriers and helmets, particularly crucial in high-risk areas such as Bakhmut and Zaporizhia.
  3. Logistical Support – Our commitment extends to fulfilling basic needs,
    including sustenance, technology for communication, transportation, and
    supporting the families of fallen heroes. We assist with the costs and
    logistics of returning fallen Veterans to their families.

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