Why did Osama mean to rule Arabia?

The obvious answer to this question might appear to be that Osama seeks the wealth of oil rich Arabia; but, that would not be a realistic estimate of Osama bin Laden's character. Osama was a wealthy man long before he began his pursuit of other values--values he considers above that of monetary wealth alone.  We feel confident that Osama's agenda was to reinstitute a Caliphate, a global Islamic state, with himself as the head.  After all, Arabia's history is replete in Islamic tradition and lore. As with Israel, Arabia is viewed, by arabs, to be a unique place chosen by The Almighty to purify the hearts and minds of men.  

In the solitude and desolation of its many deserts, arabs hold that it is here where Allah forges the character of his chosen people and his most beloved children. In return for man's obediance to Allah, the Almighty and Merciful Allah has given oil to be the exclusive coin of the present day Arabian Realm. When Allah saw the evil in the hearts of his children, his tears fell to the earth where they now reside beneath the sands and waters of the faithful.

The tears of Allah . . . oil

Of all the faithful, the arabs alone have been chosen by Allah to be the custodians of the world's oil; this was in return for Muhammad's putting the Koran to script. The language, the script and the arab people are destined to be exalted by virtue of the prophet Muhammad coming from their ranks.

Osama bin Laden, like many before him, saw himself as the reincarnation of the holy prophet himself.  The proof of this would unfold in the wake of his success in pulling off the revolt in the holy land of the Prophet.  In the meanwhile, Osama was likely testing world tolerance to this notion by his possible involvement in the Darfur expulsion of non-arab tribes .

Why Darfur?

With Osama residing in Sudan, waiting for the right time to launch his revolt in Arabia, it is not too much of a stretch to suppose that Osama sanctioned the expulsion of the non-arab muslims from the province of Darfur. "Sudan's oil belongs to the arabs"; if Osama had not openly sent this message to the world, it is only a matter of time before he was likely to do so. From that ideological position, it is a simple leap to make such a claim for all the oil deposits on and beneath planet earth.  This speculation would makes a lot of sense  viewing the discovery that arabs are now being found around oil rich regions far distant from the middle east.  Indeed, members of  Al-Qaeda are known to be in the South China sea region today.

Why Indonesia?

Recent separatist movements in Indonesia and the philippines gives us cause to suspect that Al-Qaeda is working in all of the moderate muslim countries of the oil rich China Sea basin. How Osama meant to deal with the non-arab issue is yet not known.  It may be enough, for Osama's agenda, to disrupt the steady oil flow from these countries to again raise the world's price of oil. So far, terrorists have been found in Malaysia, Singapore and on some of the polynisian resort islands, such as Bali where tourists have been attacked directly.

"When you follow your bliss... doors will open where you would not have thought
there would be doors, and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else." 
Joseph Campbell   (1904-1987)