A deadly game of chess; and, the hidden agenda

When someone sets fires across your home town, it is difficult to think of those arsonists in any other context.  Nevertheless, the setting of fires, and the planting of bombs, makes a lot of sense to bank robbers.  These crafty criminal minds set fires and plant bombs in hopes to occupy the police and firefighters, along with the news media, at the scene of the fires and away from the banks that are about to be robbed.

From this story simulation, it is clear that setting fires was not the focal point of the bank robbers.  They hopped to make it the focal point of those city services that were responsible for the security of the community.  If they succeeded in their scheme, the law enforcement services would be spread so thin as to be ineffective in preventing the intended robbery of the city banks.

The game of chess is replete with schemes and tactics along those lines.  The game of chess was probably invented in India; but, it soon became a popular game throughout Persia; and so, it should not be too difficult for the reader to accept our suggestion that Osama is a skilled player of chess.


In the game of chess, diversion is a common ploy; but, there are many other aspects of the game worth reviewing.  These are well known to serious chess players by such names as "discover attack", "double attack", "discover check", "the fork", "the pinned piece" and so on.  Discover attack is similar to the situation where the police discover that the banks are being robbed while they are occupied at the scene of a fire.  Double attack is when the police find that there are more banks being robbed than there are lawmen available to respond.  Discover check is when folks don't realize that the banks have been robbed until after the robbers have left the country.  

It seems likely, to ASEC analysts, that Osama can work all these ploys to his advantage; after all, when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, after 9-11, Osama was nowhere to be found.

As for 9-11, ASEC scholars believe that 9-11 was fashioned as a long-term diversion to engage, and pin down, the U.S. and British military. Pin down the military in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.  Pin down the political and financial resources in homeland defense and for fighting counter-terrorism in a wartime environment, especially in situations abroad.

Finally, when all the energies of the U.S. and Britain are "locked in", the hidden agenda of the master chess player will unfold. The full scope of that agenda is difficult for us to see; were this not so, we would only be flattering Osama to call him a master chess player. Nevertheless, ASEC scholars believe this agenda most likely involves the overthrow of Saudi rule in Arabia. If the king be taken (and the kingdom with it), the game is over

THE  BATTLE PLAN:  [ As seen by ASEC ]

Osama planed to overthrow the family Saud with a minimum loss of Arab life.  To accomplish this, he had to "pin down" the Saudi military and its corps of Pakistani mercinaries.  The situation he planed was to make it impossible for the Saudi military and secret police to confront the revolutionary forces would be largely enmeshed within the Arabian populace so that extracting them would lead to massive fatalities among the arabian populace.

With U.S. and coalition troops locked-in fighting insurgents and rebels in Iraq and Afghanistan, the delayed presence of these forces to counter Osama's move on Saudi Arabia would be ineffectual, even if those troops were to move into Arabia in large numbers. Osama likely plans to seize control of Mecca, Medina, Yanbu and Jiddah while he waits for the popular uprising in Riyadh and Buraydah.  Holding the sacred places hostage, he would be aggresively negotiating with ARAMCO customers to offer the sparing of the arabian oil infrastructure by his insurgents.

As part of the deal, the remaining U.S. military, still in Arabia, will be required to vacate "the holy land" of Arabia.  In exchange for concessions, Osama would offer to call an armistice in which all insurgency in Arabia and Iraq will cease so long as the U.S. makes no provocative diplomatic or miltary moves against the new Islamic State of Arabia.  Arabian "freedom fighters" still in Afhanistan would be recalled back to the holy land, Arabia.  Osama would generously offer substantial compensation to all enterprise and family victims of 9-11; and, he would likely offer the New York Port Authority compensation for the replacement of the World Trade Towers.  Refusal of his terms would result in the immediate shut down of Arabian oil production and transport.

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." 
Joseph Campbell   (1904-1987)