Who we are:

Arlington Splendor, Engineering Consultants is comprised of retired engineers and scientists from the aerospace industry. We are dedicated to aeronautical engineering excellence; and, we continue to participate in the national defense network that works to keep our nation strong and secure. We are not in any way part of any agency of the U.S. government.

What we do:

WE THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.  We do this in two areas that we consider neglected in the defense and intelligence sectors of our country.  The first of these is Warfighter Technology dealing with modern day design of fighter aircraft.  The second area we concern ourselves with is our Strategic Studies efforts relating to "Other than War" military engagement.  Our Strategic Studies relate to geopolitical events and circumstances that justify and validate our multi-role maritime fighter concepts.

How we contribute in Strategic Studies:

WE CONNECT "THE DOTS" THAT OTHERS DON'T.  Others may see the dots; but, for reasons known only to them, they choose not to connect them.  For instance, we have a good idea where Osama Bin Laden went prior to 11 September 2001. And we believe that he is still there.  We are able to discern his private agenda and his long-range strategy.  We think we understand how his current tactics are deployed to support his long-range goals. We believe al-Qa'ida is but a stepping stone along the road to his ultimate destination.  We believe that, to Osama,  the Western Powers are but a manageable obstacle in his master plan for success IN THE MIDDLE AND FAR EAST--just another obstacle to be dealt with, in an orderly and scheduled fashion, along his path.

"How can great minds be produced in a country where the test of great minds is agreeing with the opinion of small minds"?    
John Stuart Mill, 1806 - 1873